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Fresh fish, perfect chips, signature sides. Welcome to King Louis of Tarvin.

Our Fish bar in the lovely village of Tarvin, Cheshire, serves delicious succulent Pacific cod. The combination of our perfectly prepared fresh beer batter, fresh cooking oil and careful cooking methods is the reason our fish melts in your mouth.  Our Cod is sustainably sourced, and line caught. Also serving breaded plaice, breaded haddock, wholetail Whitby scampi, salt & pepper squid, panko squid and mouth-watering fish burgers to name but a few.

Our potatoes are carefully selected and tested by our potato merchant so that we are always using the absolute best variety for our famous chips. We peel and chip our potatoes from scratch at the start of each day. This means we can avoid the use of chemicals to preserve the potatoes, helping maintain fresher cooking oil and better-quality chips. 

Limit waste

We use Peel Tech Technology to capture all potato waste during the peeling and rumbling process.

Turning waste into energy!

In return, we send that waste into bio-digesting plant to produce gas energy!

5* Hygiene Rating

When it comes to food safety, we pride ourselves on running a 5 star food & hygiene rating.

Protecting you and your food

Don’t take our word for it. Check our score on the door via the Scores On The Door website

Packaging & Waste Oil

We have moved away from polystyrene and now use biodegradable trays, cups & cutlery.

Bio-degradable Packaging

We use recyclable trays & cutlery, helping the environment along the way! 

Why Choose US?

It's more than fish & chips, we're a fish bar that cares about community and a wider sustainability

King Louis Fish & Chips


For 40 years, King Louis has been at the heart of Tarvin village life. We’ve grown with our wonderful customers and in many instances employed countless young people who’ve learned valuable life skills. It’s very rewarding to watch their confidence grow as they learn to work with others and serve the public.

King Louis Fish ingredients


For our fish to provide the best possible texture and taste we use the best ingredients that pack flavour and goodness. Our fish are sustainably sourced and fresh freezing at sea locks in the high-protein cholesterol fighting effects of fish including omega-3 acids, plus vitamin A, B12 and D.

King louis signature sides

Signature sides

What does having a signature side mean? It means understanding that the quality that goes into your food equally has something as rewarding to go with it. Have you ever tried a 19 ingredient, made from scratch fish and chip curry? No? Then you need to try ours, alongside our other signature sides. 

King Louis Fish Sustainability


Sustainability is important to us as a business here at King Louis. It’s why we work with suppliers who have high ethical and sustainability standards. We have relationships from suppliers to local authorities always looking to make our business the most sustainable as possible. Our mission is to continue in this journey every day.

King Louis Environment Fish & chips


We want to have the best impact on the environment that we can. It’s important that what we do has not only a positive impact but something we can always make better. That’s why our waste oil is turned to bio fuel, our potato waste into a fuel source and that our packaging is bio-degradable.

King Louis Team

Our People

It is said that teamwork makes the dream work. Over the years we have placed the upmost importance on the development and welfare of our team. We value our team greatly and see us more as an extended family. We have a great relationship and it is a pleasure to work along side each other.

King Louis in numbers

Years in business
Fish Fried
Ingredients in our curry
Potatoes Peeled
Tuesday16:30 - 20:00
Wednesday16:30 - 20:00
Thursday16:30 - 20:00
Friday16:30 - 20:00
Saturday16:30 - 20:00

Signature Sides? They matter, and ours raise the roof!

Have you tried our 19 ingredient curry? Yes, 19 ingredients that are prepared on a daily basis to ensure freshness and quality – there is no packet curry here! A batch that is so good, we have to stop ourselves eating it… Every. Single. Day! A fruity, punchy, medium spiced, perfect accompaniment to all of our meals. Dare we say the perfect fish curry? The just-right sausage curry? That’s up to you to decide. 

And what about our mushy peas? Soaked for 24 hours and then blended with our mix to create a match made in heaven. They are smooth and mushy, sweet and salty, they are perfect for your meal or just to eat straight from a pot! 

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